Over the past 10+ years, Sustainable Strategies 2050 has originated and developed 50+ projects, totaling 190+ MW in generation capacity.   Projects have been built on a superfund site, closed landfills, closed private airports, commercial/industrial sites, farmland, and greenfields.   The development experience has been across 4 states and is summarized below:

  • Developed a real estate network that provides leads to hundreds of qualified properties across the US
  • Identified viable properties/projects through land use/zoning and circuit/substation review and analysis
  • Negotiated lease option, purchase option, and easement agreements
  • Coordinated the interconnection process with utilities
  • Negotiated Agreements with engineers, consultants, attorneys for assistance in project development
  • Coordinated the permitting process with federal, state and local agencies
  • Community engagement for obtaining support from local residents
  • Negotiated PILOT/tax agreements with public entities
  • Identified offtakers for selling net metering credits including low/moderate income housing authorities
  • Negotiated net metering agreements with public/private entities
  • Sale of a fully developed, pre-NTP project to an investor/developer and long term owner
  • Negotiated Agreements with investors/buyers to sell projects in development